Basic ESL Workbooks

The Basic ESL program is a traditional program that works for students.  Along with the online lessons, the workbooks are a main component of our language learning system.  The workbooks provide students with written exercises to practice and perform the English learned throughout the lessons.  Learning to communicate verbally is very important and should come first.  Writing is the next step to becoming truly fluent.  Learning to communicate through writing gives students a more thorough understanding of the English language.

Written Exercises

The written exercises in the workbooks include a variety of different exercise templates.  Students are able to practice writing complete sentences using the vocabulary and sentence structure learned throughout the lessons.  Exercises vary from fill in the blank to re-writing complete paragraphs in a different tense.


Teacher's Guide

Listening Exercises

Teacher's Guide

As part of the Basic ESL workbook offering, we have recently published the Basic ESL Teacher's Guide.  The Basic ESL teacher's guide was created to provide an example of how Basic ESL can be used as a resource in the classroom.  For each chapter in levels 1-3 we developed an overview, a lesson plan, a quiz, activites, and worksheets.  Sample pages and other information are available here.